Need help getting printer working

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Need help getting printer working

My wife sells a lot of things online. Ships out a few dozen packages a week. She has been printing labels on regular paper, cutting them out, and taping them to the packages. To make her life easier I bought her a Rollo printer. Rollo

The printer is awesome is uses thermal paper with adhesive on the back and prints a label in a second or two. The problem is it is USB only. We have no desktop computers. I bought this wireless print server 1 Port USB Wireless N Print Server - Network Printer Servers

I have connected the printer to this server and it works great from my MacBook and my son's windows laptop. The problem is my wife doesn't use a computer she does everything including printing the labels from her phone. AirPrint can't seem to find the printer.

Doing some reading my NAS (DS1618+) can act as a print server, even to a wireless printer on the network, and make it air print accessible. Perfect I thought but for some reason the NAS can't seem to find the printer. I get the attached error message. Any ideas? I enter the correct IP of the printer as I did on the Mac and PC andinstantly get the error message.

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 9.04.26 AM.png

I can't connect the printer directly to the NAS via USB as the NAS is locked inside a walk in vault / safe room in our basement nd it would be very impractical to go down there and into the vault every time to get a label.
Resharing out a shared printer on the same network is indeed a tricky configuration. It would effectively be duplicated on your network.

You could connect the printer to your Mac and run Printopia, which will share it out with AirPrint. Since you have a laptop, that may not be very practical. Another option is to hook it up to a router that supports AirPrint.
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See if any of the below can fit. I’ve never used them. You might try ordering and returning if they don’t work. I’m assuming that you can reach your NAS over Ethernet.

This one is even cheaper:

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