NEOLINK docker installation to support reolink ip camera

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NEOLINK docker installation to support reolink ip camera

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Dear SynoForum,

I have bought 3 reolink argus eco ip camera, which doesn't support natively RTSP so I'm not able to record the video on my synology DS233, does anyone can help me with some indications step by step to install the docker on this new container manager.

best regards
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I did it

let me try to explain what was going on

DS223 have an arm processor so there is no way to make the standard GitHub - thirtythreeforty/neolink: An RTSP bridge to Reolink IP cameras works.

i have tried multiple alternative and the best to me (because once it works I won't touch anymore) was using the

i create a folder in my /volume1/docker folder called neolink, and inside via ssh directly on the nas i create and configure a file called config.toml (not call it neolink) with the following content

bind = ""

 name = "CAM1"
 username = "admin"
 password = "yourpassword"
 uid = "xxxxxxxx"
# address = "192.168.x.y"
 stream = "mainStream"
 permitted_users = [ "anyone" ]
 channel_id = 0

 name = "CAM2"
 username = "admin"
 password = "yourpassword"
# net = "host"
 uid = "yyyyyyyy"
# address = "192.168.x.z"
 stream = "mainStream"
 permitted_users = [ "anyone" ]
 channel_id = 1

 name = "admin"
 pass = "your rstp password "

because my ip cameras are battery i have to use the UID, if their would not be at batteries the Ip address would have works fine.
channel_id is also important if you have more than 1 camera on the same docker/nas ip address

the important think is when you install the downloaded images please:
  1. add the web port (so you must have installed the web station
  2. then choose HOST as network
  3. map the config.toml to the path /etc/neolink.toml
in this way the configuration file is passed to the neolink program as per configuration
the you will get a popup to configure a web station portal which i ignored i only checked that the web services was added.

then your start your container and the path RSTP should be available to be added via surveillance station

where DS223 is the fqdn or ip of you NAS where the docker is in installed

good luck


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