Nested albums or folders?

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Nested albums or folders?

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Dear all,

I just made the change from an Adobe LR subscription to Mylio (as personal DAM approach).
Therefore, I also need a replacement for Adobe Portfolio to share photos with different groups of family and friends.
Does Synology Photo support nested albums or folders, so that an authentication is done on the top level and everyone has access to the albums below?

So that the structure would look like this:

Folder/ album 1
==> Folder/ album 2
==> Folder/ album 3

Folder/ album 4

So anyone that has access to folder/ album 3 would only see this (as an album), folder/ album 1 would have access to folder/ album 2 and 3, but not to folder/ album 4.

I hope that my intention is clear - if not, please simply tell me.

Thank you for your support,

Hey I know this post is old, but since it has no replies I wanted to try and answer for not just op but anyone else who might have this question.

I have almost this exact thing setup using the shared space in Photos. So from what I can tell what your wanting to do is totally possible. However it’s only folder based for now, shared space doesn’t have albums. Any albums a user makes from a shared space will just show up in their personal space.

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