Network UPS with many clients?

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Network UPS with many clients?

I have my UPS plugged into my syno, and I have a slew of raspberrypi's powered by the same UPS which I would also like to gracefully shutdown when necessary. The syno has the handy network UPS server which is awesome, but it seems I have to authorize each client IP individually ("Permitted DiskStation devices")...and it only has fields for a maximum of 5 client IPs in the UI....I need 7. Does anyone know is there a way to just allow all IPs? Or to specify wildcards in the IP fields? Or some other way to allow 7 clients?

I *could* have one of the raspberrypis be the master (so the UPS is plugged into a pi), and then the syno becomes a remote netclient. The 5 device limitation wouldn't exist anymore, so that would work...but I would rather not go that way because I like the syno being the's far more likely that I'd screw it up with a manually configured pi master 😂
I didn't know Synology put a limit on that....
Yep, I have it configured like that, but I fall within the limit. Still running more devices would imho, require a proper network UPS that would have its own software and there would be no need to use your NAS as "master". Also in case of more then 7 devices (ok, in this case, those are rPis) one would think you would be using a powerfull UPS and those usually come with their own software, or you opt for a network one.

So in any case I do see the point of limiting the number of clients, but in this particualr OP case, it is a bit silly that there are no more free slots.
I wonder if it is possible to edit an internal configuration file (no idea where or what it is) to add more client IP? It would have to persist beyond NAS reboot.

For my experience with one RPi whose occasionally gets stuck when I reboot the router, an ungraceful reboot has not yet had a noticeable effect. But I'm normally copying up the import stuff every 15 mins ... weather station data. Works for me but RPI usage and criticality will dictate if this is acceptable.

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