New Admin account breaks Cloud sync.

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New Admin account breaks Cloud sync.

Question: got the new alert that the admin account is unsafe, okay no worries, created a new admin account and then disabled the old admin account. Easy! but then when logging in to the new admin account, cloud sync (to Backblaze B2) the app said that since the old admin account was disabled it would not sync anymore... went back and enabled the old admin account and it was back and working. Any way to fix this so it will still work in the new account without unlinking and relinking? or if I unlink and then relink in the new account will it reupload all the files again or pick up where it left off?

Never really got a fix, but it is a thing with Cloud sync... I stuck with the same username and password for the time being, but that server was shut down permanently soon after, so it wasn't an issue that needed to be resolved. Sorry, I can't be of more help. My thinking was to end the old sync and set up a new one. Bummer but that seems to the only option.
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