New discs and RAID plan

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New discs and RAID plan

DS418play x 2, DS415play
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I have a DS418play that has 4x6GB discs in RAID 10, and is too full at 96%.
I want more space, and have sourced 4 x 10GB discs.
I am slightly less anxious than when I first set this up, so am thinking of converting to SHR ... but can't do that simply.
So ... I could....
- stay with RAID 10 and substitute in the discs one by one.
- use my second 418 or 415 as a transfer hub? Could I (for instance) take the disks out of Diskstation 1, load that with the new 10TBs and set it up in SHR, temporarily take out Diskstation 2s discs, put in the ones from Diskstation 1, copy everything from 2 to 1, and then replace Diskstation 2s discs and have all as before?
- or some other means of copying stuff ... there's not room on the other 2 NAS's to copy the first one for transfer ...
If you have running volumes on Nas2 putting the entire array of drives from nas1 will cause the nas to object.

you could remove drives from nas2, then factory reset it, and then pull the drives from nas 1 and move them into nas 2. Configure nas 2 as a fresh nas but with migrateble drives (from nas 1).

Once that is done, reset nas1 and configure it fresh with new drives. Copy the data and then pull the the nas 2 drives out, reset it again and populate it again with its original drives.

Ofc this could work, but be sure to check it in place disk migration works for your models. Considering that I was unsure if the additional nas models are play, “+” or regular nas devices, I can’t state this will be a valid solution.
Hi Rusty
"to object" ... yes, I thought this might be the case!
The additional two are a DS418play and a DS415play, neither is a + model.
So, in principle, pulling drives, factory resetting the device and reconfigure with populated drives ... do the necessary copying ... and then repeat the reset/reconfigure process to restore the original drives ... could be safe and possible?
I will go and look through the manuals to understand migration better.
I am unsure. Staying with the current could be best. But if the newer software is more efficient or stable, has simpler safer or better options, then it could be that upgrading first was sensible. The equivalent of system copying a Win 7.1 system to a new system with Win 7.1, or upgrading to Win 10 first? I am reading up Migration vs Hyper Backup, so clearly have options to understand.
Thanks everyone. An update, for someone who might find this thread in the future ...
- Backed up config of NAS 1 & 2 (both 418Plays)
- Took the discs out of NAS 2 and shelved them in order
-Took discs out of NAS 1 and put them in NAS 2
-Put new, bigger discs into NAS 1
- Carefully followed this tutorial on migration, which made it very easy
- Recreated NAS 1 on the new drives with Migrate
- Restored NAS 2 dics and restored config
All data seems safe
Pleasingly straightforward, and detailed instructions from Synology admirably good.

Only thing I'm unsure of ... it took 4 days to transfer 11 TB from one NAS to the other at 30-40 MB/s ... both hardwired to a Synology RT2600ac. Is this how it goes with a Gigabyte connection or could my router settings be improved? Both NAS's have 6 GB RAM and that barely touched 30% usage, so that's not a bottleneck.
Oh dear ... I spoke (wrote) too soon!

Storage Pool 27.3 TB
Volume 1 15.7 TB ... 96% full ... Warning.

All the help files I have read suggest the sole Volume 1 should automatically expand to use the Storage Pool available.
No options in Storage Manager to expand or the like.

What am I missing?
Sounds like a 16TB limitation from the old 32bit DSM OS.

Considering this was a migration that would mean that the limitations are still in place.

There is no way around this but to destroy the volume and make a fresh one followed by data transfer.

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