DSM 7.0 New Docker worker for Package/Docker integration?

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DSM 7.0 New Docker worker for Package/Docker integration?

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In the Synology DSM 7.0 Developer Guide I noticed the following section:

Docker (since DSM7.0)
Docker worker is made for docker package to help them easily deploy their containers without calling docker command by themselves. Docker worker use docker-compose framework, it will generate docker-compose.yaml according to user's docker worker configuration and create containers during installation.
When in install/remove package stage, worker will create/remove docker-compose.yaml, volume on host directory, images and containers.
When in start/stop package stage, worker will start/stop containers by calling docker-compose start/stop.

In the section some examples are given where json is "translated" to docker-compose format.

There are some libs available on the file system that were not available on DSM 6.x.
$ ls /volume1/@appstore/Docker/worker
libdockercomposegenworker.so  libdockercomposestartworker.so

Although packages that deploy using Docker like GitLab are available for some time, it looks like the deployment method is now changed using docker-compose?

Did some further digging...

You can use Synology Package Center to deploy an application that typically consists of a multiple containers (or services).

The package developer will provide a JSON file to specify all the Docker services that make up the Docker application as described in the Developer Guide. This JSON file will be transformed to docker-compose.yaml format which will be used by the docker-compose program to create/start/stop/remove the application.

Synology Package Center can then be used to "stop/start" the application.
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