New drive - Migrating all the data to SHR from RAID 1

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New drive - Migrating all the data to SHR from RAID 1

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I have a DS920+ with 2x4TB drives on RAID 1. Slowly but eventually, I am using up the space. I have cleaned up some Plex videos and got back some space.

I managed to get a good deal on an 18TB HDD. Sadly could afford only 1. I also wanted to switch to SHR.

Wondering how to do it, I want to move all the data from the existing 'volume 1' to this new 18TB (SHR), and since there are quite a few docker containers all referencing 'volume 1', I wanted to rename the new HDD to be volume 1.

I am not quite sure what is the right approach. I will also be buying another 18TB during Christmas when there is an offer again.

I do not want to lose the docker containers or the videos. There is nothing else in the HDD.
Direct conversion is not possible, so you will have to start fresh. Also, volume renaming is not possible (officially). So why not place the new drive in, and migrate the data over? Once that is done, just terminate the old drives.

Docker can be stopped, and then reinstalled on the new volume. Once that is done, just migrate the docker folder content. Change the paths in your compose code and start the containers. 0 loss.
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Thanks, @Rusty I will follow the same.
I should be able to plop this new HDD and create a new SHR volume, right?

A little work on changing the persistent data for docker, but I will do it as a cleanup and remove all the old docker images and unwanted services.
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As far as I tested it, this no longer works under DSM7 so careful with it.
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