New DS1821+ Memtest failed

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New DS1821+ Memtest failed

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Hi all,

just purchased a DS1821+ and installed 2x 16GB CT16G4SFD8266 Crucial DIMMs. The NAS boots normally and reports all 32GB of RAM just fine. However, when running the memory test from the Synology Assistant, it fails with errors. Logging into DSM, I see the following errors from syslog:
util_fhost.c:1375 Memtest failed! err=4, and when run again,
util_fhost.c:1375 Memtest failed! err=6

Needless to say, the stock Synology DIMM passed the memory test successully. Could this just be that the Crucial DIMMs are not officially supported and the tests are not optimised for exercising those DIMMs or am I looking at defective memory here?

Thank you for your time.
I guess it was compaitibily issue based on my DS220+ ram upgrade experience.

When I installed Curical 16GB RAM stick on my DS220+, the info center did show it has 18GB RAM. However, the NAS was frozen after a couple of minutes use. The system showed "checksum error" and the volumn degraded. I didn't even get a chance to do the mem test.

After installing Samsung 16GB ram stick, everything went smooth. Memory test passed.

Hope helps.

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