Info New satellites could end internet deserts

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Info New satellites could end internet deserts

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it's not black or white
what is for me beyond all reasonable understanding:
- deployment of 4G (LTE) has been finished just now. And it was postponed many times from 2008 to 2013
- some countries in EU invested just 3y ago into WTTx (advanced LTE)
- deployment and all useful performance of new 5G network will depend largely on the deployment of a dense fiber network that ensures back hauling for 5G cells
- finally many of EU operators don't use Fiber network as transmission between cells now. Radio transmission is still a king. Then there are lot of geo-spaces uncovered by LTE performance potential, even you see LTE icon, you have just 3G speed.

Then there is a question - chicken or egg?
Fiber at BTS location without 5G transmission?
BTS location with 5G transmission without fiber?

a recommendation:
- fiber for BTS is more important than 5G
- because all 4G/3G network seems to be over utilized by data consumption, that was increased by faster network (3G to 4G)

Gordian knot for someone out of telco.
Operators will invest up to $1 trillion in 5G networks between 2018 and 2025
it’s a lot if money (for vendors) for deployment of technology which is pointless for users. But there is a massive pressure by politicians, that we need it.
And you can count with me:
- deployment of 5G networks is just base of the cost
- usage of 5G patents is more interesting business, see here
Then you can understand the battle of this year
and science don’t have much money for advanced CO2 elimination by polymerization or other methods

and Greta is still waiting for a sailboat from 100% recycled paper to move her to Spain. I have seen that she used just train and EV for traveling across USA and Canada, hm. Someone needs to tell her, that in US almost 64% of electr. energy is produced from worst ever source = fossil fuels, where every single produced (consumed) 1kWh = 1kg of CO2 emitted to air (plus others emissions). Bad preparation.

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