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Info New x20+ specification sheets v1

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Info New x20+ specification sheets

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Can these be links so they open in the browser without having to specify a download location?

I noticed that Synology is still charging for exFAT even now that Microsoft has released this. This should be in-kernel. Shame on Synology!
It’s just how it works. Resource in this case are pdfs and not a content that was written. This was just to store them here on the forum if anyone needs them.
Yeah but you could've used a PDF highlighter and gone through each one of the new sheets and marked where the differences are vs DSx18 ... it's like you want me to do all the work, hrumph!

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Sorry, a bit late to the party.
So these spec sheets are the ones that got pulled and we are waiting for new ones with “correct” info?

Is that it?

Edit: ok. I got it. I think these are the latest until Synology change their minds again. Thanks.
Correct. Some memory info was wrong as my Syno source is telling me. Eta is unknown.
Thanks. Can your source tell us when are they going to release all these Coronalogy edition Disk Stations?
(I’ve decided to call all x20 series the Coronalogy edition).

We’ll keep it a secret. We’ll hide the answer in the dark side forum where no one can find anything :ROFLMAO:

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