Newb looking for advice on adding third drive to DS920+

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Newb looking for advice on adding third drive to DS920+

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Hello everyone, I have read through the archives and learned a lot but I have not found my exact situation so I am hoping the experts can help me out. I recently purchased a DS920+ and populated it with two 3TB WD Red Plus drives, they were installed with the default Synology recommended SHR settings (3 TB available/3 TB protection). I purchased the NAS primarily for Synology Photos. I do recognize from reading here the second drive is not a backup. I recently purchased a third WD Red Plus in 4TB intending to add this drive as a second storage pool. After reading here I found out this is rarely advised and offers little to no advantages. I come from a Windows background so I tend to think in terms of drives as C, D, E etc My original thought or plan was to isolate the third drive from the photos.

Here is my dilemma, after uploading my photos and videos I am not even at one TB, I really do not need the extra storage capacity of expanding the original 3TB. I could add the third drive, and if I understand correctly SHR will treat this as RAID 5. I could also just keep the drive on hand in the event of a failure of one of the two existing drives. Maybe once I get deeper into my NAS; Synology Drive, Dockers, etc I will be glad I have the extra storage?

I would welcome any thoughts or advice and lessons learned from those who have been down this road before me and the experts. Thank you.

You can expand the existing volume, set up a separate one with that single drive, or leave it as you said in case you need it (when you need it).

Services and data, from the storage side of things, will dictate your needs. IMHO, no need to rush in if you got room, but you did read it correctly, RAID is not BACKUP.

One idea is to use that drive as an external device as a backup for your current SHR raid.

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