Newbie Looking for Independent Products Compatibility List

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Newbie Looking for Independent Products Compatibility List

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I'm a newbie who has just acquired his first NAS enclosure (DS920+), and I'm looking on which components are compatible with it.
Synology's Products Compatibility List isn't very long, which I put this down to lack of testing on their part.
Does anyone keep an independent Products Compatibility List of componenets that are known to work with certain NAS enclosures?

The main compatibility you'll have to consider is the SSD/HDD you use: Synology has been getting finicky recently so stick to their list for these items. The next will be for UPS, which is strongly recommended so as to protect from uncontrolled shutdown: this topic comes up regularly here.

The third will be RAM: Synology says you should use their RAM stick, at considerable expense. Again this a common topic here and Crucial sticks are regularly found to be a good alternative.

Have to a look around for threads on these subjects.

The reason to stick to Synology's compatibility list for SSD/HHDD is that they may refuse support if the drives are not on the list. With RAM you can easily remove non-Synology sticks and then get support.
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