Newbie needs help with setup.

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Newbie needs help with setup.

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I'm totally new to Synology and am upgrading from a WD Mycloudmirror box that's faulty. Setup of a DS 218 went as expected but I later got lost in a cascade of usernames and passwords, I use a password manager that got equally confused. Right now I can log into my account but can't login to the DSM account, so can't get at the dashboard. Synology Assistant finds the box. Initially found the box buit no longer does so. Where do I go from here? Separately, can Kaspersky interfere with things?

What do you mean you can log into your account but not the dsm account? What exact account is working?
Initially I got things working and was able to copy everything from the WD box to the DS 218, all my music, photos and videos. Now I'm stuck. It's rejecting my password (see attachment) which was saved to a password manager. A pity there's no 'forgot password' option at this point.

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Your NAS ID/password is not the same as your Synology account. When you set up the NAS you were asked to create an administrator name/ID account and password. If you have forgotten this, a reset, mode 1, will enable a do over.
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I reset by mode 1 but that didn't help. I just got back to the login screen which was rejecting my password. I then reset using mode 2 and that has worked. I'm now able to get at Control Panel and everything else.
Thanks both of you for your guidance.:)
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