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Tutorial Newbies - Your first NAS, part 2 ... Network preparation

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Tutorial Newbies - Your first NAS, part 2 ... Network preparation

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jeyare submitted a new resource:

Newbies - Your first NAS, part 1 ... Network preparation - How to setup my internet or home connection for the NAS project?

6. Is my WAN or LAN ready for my NAS project? Next possible bottlenecks of your project.

WAN - Wide area network
aka internet. Main component of the WAN infrastructure:

- Data connection from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) aka “data product” or line, purchased by you from ISP. The speed is divided to Download (in WAN: sped of throughput to you from internet) and Upload (in WAN: from you to Internet) There are two main misunderstanding in real life:
  • Nominal...

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it will help us to send them to read appropriate topic, that was my idea to divide by logical chain. People frequently do a hurry decision, then they try to search how to stop a fire.
Gents, what kind of WAN do you have for your NAS:
  • technology (xDSL, cable, WiFi, FTTH, WTTx, 2G/3G/4G)
  • nominal speed D/U, avg real speed D/U
  • aggregation ratio, if signed by ISP
  • min. guaranted speed, if signed by ISP
  • what kind of VPN tunnel & % speed decrease by VPN tunnel
atm vdsl 43/10, rl speed is the same. Soon moving to a new place where ftth will be installed with an option to go to 1/1Gbit as max. 4G on that same location is about 70/40 on average atm.

VPN via Nord on my 43/10 location, speeds are about 38-40/9 via tunnel on average.
2 WAN links on my location:

1st VDSL 8/2 (should configure this as a backup link once I find time for that)
2nd 4G 70/30 avg (my main WAN link)

no VPN tunneling for outbound traffic on either link, running VPN server on RT2600AC and when connected my DL/UL speeds are 20/10.
If you need to know how your WiFi speed is determined by your house "physics", then you can download this Free APP:
iOS: SweetSpots
Android: SweetSpots
If you have multiply WiFi networks 2.4/5GHz switch & measure all of impacts to your speed
Don't forget, that 802.11a/b/g devices will show you just limited speed from 802.11n/ac WiFi router/AP performance




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