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Info ( (( ((( news break ))) )) )

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The latest update from our editor at large…

A big DS (eyewitnesses say a 3617) vomited at the community forum thing and caused a lot of mayhem.

Rescue teams arrived but couldn't enter. They didn't find the "big, beautiful" door to the community. Despite hearing that “We’re gonna have that big, beautiful door in the wall.” promise before!

Eyewitnesses say evacuation started through a DSM breach that was made possible by the "disappearing ups firmware update" as the ups couldn't be found, the system crashed allowing the rescuers to go through!

Almost everyone is safe but no account of the robot!
Investigators are still assessing the situation but believe that this big throw up occurred during an accidental discharge of a huge recycle bin that went seriously wrong. However, the opposition and the conspiracy theorists insist that this is an inside job by the regime to get rid of the robot who has been gaining popularity to take over the community thing!

Meanwhile elsewhere, the Hedgehogs Mensa Club (HMC) is still debating whether 0.999=1 or not!
One hedgehog commented that there is no end in sight to this debate as the 437 club members are divided almost 50/50!

We'll bring you more news as it unfolds.

(((stay tuned)))

P.S. please excuse the brevity and and any grammatical and sbelinq mistakes. We're where the action is happening.

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