DSM 6.2 NFS permissions issue - write permissions denied

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DSM 6.2 NFS permissions issue - write permissions denied

DS1019+ DSM6
Operating system
  1. Windows
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  1. iOS
having a problem assigning the correct NFS permissions so that my Pi can write to a mounted share.

i've mounted the share and it can read it just fine
sudo mount -t nfs /mnt/data

however i seem to have a write permissions issues as i get "permission denied" when tryint to write anything to it.
these are my NFS permissions settings. i've tried setting Squash to both "Map all users to guest" and "Map all users to admin", both result in "permission denied".

Screenshot 2022-07-22 102227.jpg

any ideas if there is another setting i need to change?
the SMB share i have for windows systems is working fine with no permissions issues.
worked out what the problem was - schoolboy error.
i hadn't created a user on the NAS with the same details as what the pi uses.
added the user and it can now write to the NAS.

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