Nginx restrict given locations in Sonarr/Radarr

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Nginx restrict given locations in Sonarr/Radarr

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I've installed both Sonarr and Radarr from the store, which I later learned was a minor mistake. Nonetheless, I've been trying to find and configure the nginx configuration to block certain locations of arr family to un-elevated users of the network.

My goal is to let people browse freely:
i) http://*(local.ip)*:8310/ (this would be the landing page) and ii) anything under add -> http://*(local.ip)*:8310/add/*
iii) http://*(local.ip)*:8310/settings is restricted, along with http://*(local.ip)*:8310/system/status.

Can you please help me navigate to the nginx configuration file so I can block access to these locations?
Since my setup of DSM, I have not done any reverse proxies, neither have I configured anything on nginx, besides enabling a simple basic auth on rutorrent.

The apps run natively, if I can express myself in that manner- behind no proxies.

My goal is to merely restrict config/settings parts of the .arr family. Be it nginx or apache, any guidance would be of use!

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