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DS cam No issue, just a question

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Since the new DS CAM I’ve been seeing something I don’t quite understand.

Prior to new DS CAM the custom view only DS CAM User I gave to family & neighbors, to view weather conditions at our mountain road switchback at our elevation: WAS SET for HTTPS.
With new DS CAM that login is now describing itself as UN-Encrypted.
All my other (admin) logins report Encrypted.

So thinking it was a setting in SS User, I went back into that to edit it if needed…. Nope! No place there to set it to be Encrypted.

So I ask: this login on prior DS CAM was set for HTTPS. Am I to assume it is now not?? That’s what new DS CAM Serms to indicate.

Trying to get into the saved logins to see their settings in new DS CAM is not as easy as before…. So this might remain…. Dunno.

Other’s seeing this, too?

I’m a bit concerned if I change it here, other users might have to do same.

Comments? Thank You!
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Folks who have updated to new DS CAM software report that first or second logins after update do not connect or fail. Keep trying seems to be the answer, as eventually it connects. Another feature to consider

Regarding the HTTP Change from a login saved as HTTPS in prior DS CAM version.
Others are reporting it to me also so it’s not just me commenting about this.

A fix for this, that does not involve other users to have to ‘stir the pot’ and cause ‘operator errors’, would be appreciated.
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Heard back from Support: I commented how a login saved with HTTPS in older DS CAM when updated with newest DS CAM, that same login now reports as: HTTP.
Also, any new IP trying to login with existing login fails. (Say your ISP Changes your web IP). Work-Around: Let it “Spin” for 20 seconds, exit, and immediately log back in, and it will (THEN) be successful.
Does it on all 3 NAS’s with DS CAM.

I was unable to send debug file. He responded:

“The description of your problem seems to match a current issue, however I cannot determine that with certainty without the requested information.

However, if it is related to said current issue, the related symptoms will be resolved in a future android/ios update.”

Ok. I’m waiting! (Though I did ask what “a current issue” is!)
I have 6-8 people asking me why they can’t connect at times, and others OK???
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Either support is on year end holiday, or my request for more info on ‘the current DS CAM issue’ they are working on, exceeded my need to know.
I’m still fielding “Can’t Connect” emails from all over the country, and everything QC is Offline according to DS FINDER where I am right now, but was fine this AM.
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Did get an answer on my question what Synology issue with DS CAM was that they are working on but he’s not at liberty to go into details on it, but suggested I might have less login delay using HTTP vs HTTPS.

I answered the SS ‘View only’ DS CAM login WAS SAVED AS HTTPS, but is recalling as HTTP Via ‘new’. DS CAM, yet admin logins to the same NAS or 2 others — ALL 3 NAS’s having SAME correct ISSUE: SAVED & RECALLED in DS CAM AS HTTPS… (BUT SLOW LOGIN: With SAME Work-Around, by the way - needing 2 separate logins) … So BOTH HTTP & HTTPS are presently slow to login! I gave him access to view only login (Same as relatives, friends, and neighbors use to view weather conditions……and multiple users from around the country are all seeing the same slow HTTP Login!.
I can’t wait for his answer
Got one! refuses to try DS CAM login I gave him to see issue firsthand. Gave more info on DS CAM issue synology is fighting (similar to what I’m seeing, from the bits & pieces I’ve been given). He insists it’s one NAS when all 3 are doing it. Wants access. new login, and debug file I cannot give.
I give up!

Support finally admits failed first login for DS CAM:
Good morning.

All Symptoms; including the failed first login, are all related to the same current issue for DS Cam Versions:

- DS Cam for Android 3.8.0

- DS Cam for iOS 5.7.0



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