DS file No longer access for DS file using domain user

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DS file No longer access for DS file using domain user

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Since a few weeks I can no longer access my files, photos, etc. from my iOS devices using a domain user (e.g. userx@dom_xz).

Allways getting an error saying that "Account or password is invalid. Please try again". The message is misleading as neither user nor the password actually is wrong. In the logs I can also see that user is able to login (DC logs). Using an admin user (domain account) it works. If I lock the user in the DC I'm getting a different error message displayed. Hence my assumption that in principle it would work and it rather has something to do with access rights in DSM itself. Using a local user with (the same permissions) works fine.

Running several DS NAS from Synology. All on the latest DSM 7.1-42661 Update 3. NAS-1 is hosting the DC (Synology Directory Server). NAS-2 (the one I'd like to access) is a member of the domain an in the various configs I can add/remove permissions related to the according domain users and groups. Also re-validating communication from DSM-2 to the DC shows all green/ok. My perception is that the issue started after the last upgrade from Update 2 -> Update 3. But maybe it's a misperception.

From what I know, a users must have access to
  • DSM
  • File Station or any other app I would like to use

Control Panel > Application Privileges > Permission Viewer and select the accoring user
View attachment 10251

Any ideas what I could be missing here ?

Many thanks in advance
Thank you Rusty!

To answer your question, yes, using exact same credentials and changing url to point to NAS1 allows me to login and shows me one folder. Which is perfectly fine as the user has limited access on folders at NAS1.
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