Noob needs help for Basics

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Noob needs help for Basics

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I have a DS1513+ System which I haven't used for the last 5 Years. It seems to be still working, looks like one HD has failed. I just want to connect it to my Windows 10 PC and copy a few Movie Files from the NAS. I am able to play the movies from within the NAS so the files (most of them I guess) should be ok. I just have no idea how to copy files from the NAS which is shown in my Browser to my local HD. Whatever I try, I get errors pointing to things that I don't understand and not really willing to learn, as I wont be using the NAS after copying the Files to a local HD.

Can someone take me by the hand?
Oh, I still have Firmware 6.x, trying to upgrade to 7.1 I have seen I have to go step by step, automatc update fails, I then downloaded the first of 3 (or 4?) updates and tried to update manually, which did not work and suggested I need to upgrade Video Station first. In Video station I can't find a menu entry for upgrade.

NAS aint made for me, I just want my files!
If you open Windows Explorer and in the address bar type \\ip_address_of_your_nas and hit return, are you prompted for a user and password? If so just enter your nas credentials and see the content that way.

A simple copy/paste method will be enough to get the data onto your pc.
No, my default Browser opens with a prompt to log in. Then it opens the NAS Page Control. I dont come to explorer view.
My NAS has the IP address
Entering this in Windows File explorer (with or without http:\\ or https:\\) always lands me on a new login Page of my Browser.

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