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For 15 year I was using a Seagate Goflex drive for backing up important files, "Family photos, program settings and such." Recently it gave up and I started researching options and came across Synology NAS. Took a little work setting up but resolved everything and it seems to be working. I was looking for a backup program and fortunately my old Memeo premium that came with the Goflex worked. I like that as it automatically grabs new or updated files without me having to add them.

I recently caught a video, "always after the fact," titled "NAS Madness! Qnap Qlocker Ransomware, Synology BTRFS Controversy and Protecting Yourself!." So I disabled Quick connect and am considering a VPN, although I heard it's a hassle to connect from outside to the NAS.

Just one question. I have a Samsung Note 20 Ultra that is currently backed up to the PC and OneCloud. Is there a way to have it use the NAS instead. Also, any tutorials on tips or uses would be appreciated! TIA
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I was looking for something more automatic! Example: I have an AT&T app that watches My Gallery for new photos I take or ad to the gallery. it than automatically send it to the AT&T cloud!
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Rusty. I've been looking around on the play store and Synology Package center. It seems that the Moments package is exactly what I wanted. When I take a photo on my cell it automatically uploads it to the Synology. Thank You!
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