NordVPN Lynx (Wireguard) with qBittorrent

Docker NordVPN Lynx (Wireguard) with qBittorrent

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Docker NordVPN Lynx (Wireguard) with qBittorrent

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Rusty submitted a new resource:

NordVPN Lynx (Wireguard) with qBittorrent - How to run your torrent client with NordVPN over Wireguard protocol

Running your torrent client via NordVPN Lynx (Wireguard)

In the past, I did an article on running qBittorrent client via a VPN (OpenVPN protocol) that works for almost any VPN provider out there. In this article, I would like to narrow the scope down a bit and focus on Wireguard protocol...

Read more about this resource...
I've also been using azinchen/nordvpn image for quite some time. I just wanted to check if bubuntux/nordvpn works as WireGuard seems to be hyped about beeing faster and better than OpenVPN (not sure if thats true tough).
@Shadow From my experience, faster, more reliable connection and quicker to connect in the first place. I just hope I can get it working on my Synology.
Well, the OpenVPN protocol still works good enough for me. Most of my (movie) torrent downloads (as long as there are enough feeders) are finished within 15 mins (VPN trough Zwitserland while my NAS is in the Netherlands).
So I'm in no rush.

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