Not possible to log into DSM but IP is not in the list of blocked IPs

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Not possible to log into DSM but IP is not in the list of blocked IPs

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  1. RT2600ac
one of our users of DSM can not log from home to the system - it shows that IP was blocked.
But I can not find the IP (of course the external IP of the provider not the local) in the block list to unblock it.

Can enyone help how to find-out what IP is currently trying to login? There is no such a report/log as far as I know...
How to unblock the IP?
Given the absence in the block list it sounds like a Synology NAS firewall rule has been triggered rather than a pure IP block.
Thank you for the idea.

THE firewall of OFF on the NAS...
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Does the user have a VPN to blocked country?
Not sure what you mean, connection via Roundcube is done without VPN from the same country like other users.
Therefore blocking of the country is not the problem.

I was not able to solve the problem yet. There has to be a mistake I do, but where?
What I, with grammar errors, was trying to say: does the user use a VPN service that comes out at a country that could be being blocked when accessing the NAS, via your Internet firewall?

The user can find their external Internet IP address here: Current IP Check

If they are accessing via URL then they could use nslookup or dig from command line to ensure that the resolution is to the right Internet IP.

Have you checked the Internet firewall? Is it on the RT2600ac? Threat Prevention; firewall blocking of specific countries; IP block list; etc.

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