Note Station client - repeated need to log in

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Note Station client - repeated need to log in

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Hi -

I've got Note Station installed on NAS (DS216j) and clients on desktop and mobile phone.

NAS is set up (using Advanced Power Manager) to shut down at night and wake up in the morning.

Every morning, the Note Station on the desktop needs the password again, though only if the NAS has been shut down. The mobile phone client has no such problem, just keeps trying to sync until the NAS is on again, then succeeds. Is there any way to prevent the need to constantly log in again to the desktop client?

(Desktop is Linux Kubuntu 18.04, login uses QuickConnect, though I've also tried IP)

Still have exactly the issue you described, when NAS has scheduled shutdown. So bug still presend in
Synology Note Station Client
Version: 2.2.1-553, on Ubuntu Linux.
Issue seems fixed on last month's release (Version: 2.2.2-609). I believe it had to do with 2FA.

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