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I wasn't sure where to post this as there's a few elements to the question - feel free to move if need be.

I currently have download station running on my 918+, with NordVPN running from the NAS on all services. I often find files to download using Novafile, but when you click download it "grants" access from the IP address making the request (my PC, which isn't on the VPN). If I then try to download via DS it fails because that has a different (VPN) IP address.

Is there anyway I can make this work, without running my PC via the VPN??

Grateful for any feedback, suggestions.

Welcome to the forum.

I don't do anything with DS or outbound/client VPN from DSM, nor run what I'm going to suggest...

Is there anyway I can make this work, without running my PC via the VPN??
I'm taking this to mean 'all the time' as otherwise, from what you've said, the having a common IP address is fundamental.

I would try running Proxy Server on the NAS and then try configuring a PAC file* such that the PC only uses the proxy for Novafile. I'm assuming that the proxy would then reach the Internet via the VPN connection.

Without the PAC you could manually manage you PC's Internet settings to enable and disable using the proxy.

*don't ask how as I've not done it but a google should reveal how.

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