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Hi guys
I have a NVR1218 with 1Tb DD+ 3 cams in one of my shops and a DS220+ with 4Tb in a 2nd shop
I wanted to have a 24/24 Vido backup from the 2nd shop.
It seems i cannot install "Synology driver server" on the NVR1218.
How can i proceed ?
Is it possible to reinstall the NVR like a Stardart NAS ?
Thank you for your responses.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Synology NVRs. But here’s a few questions and ideas.
Can you use Hyper Backup?
How many cameras on the 220+ site?
Can you afford to connect and record the camera(s) on the NVR instead of the 220+? Link between the locations, licenses and usability?

Stardart NAS
Excuse my ignorance, what’s a Stardart NAS?
Stardart NAS
Standard NAS ... using DSM? Also don't have experience of the NVR but looking at the NVR1218 specs and downloads pages it seems that it's a specific hardware build. It would be like trying to install DSM on the RT2600ac ... highly improbable and even if possible then you'd loose hardware functionality.

I see Hyper Backup is available for the NVR so you may be able to back it up to the DS220+. Can the NVR run rsync and be the destination for DS220+ Hyper Backup?

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