Oldest drive operated in your NAS based on the number of days, hours operated

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Oldest drive operated in your NAS based on the number of days, hours operated

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better than value of how long without a restart your NAS has been in operation
is a proof of what is the oldest disk in your NAS based on Power On Hours SMART info?

smartctl --all /dev/sda | grep Power_On_Hours | cut -d "-" -f2 | tr -d "[:blank:]"
you will get value in hours

then you can replace:
by /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, ...

or simple with HDSentinel:
./hdsentinel | grep Power

the just copy and paste result from this command:
smartctl -i /dev/sda
like this:

Model Family: Seagate Constellation CS
Device Model: ST1000NC001-1DY162
Serial Number: Z1D5PAPR
User Capacity: 1,000,204,886,016 bytes [1.00 TB]
Rotation Rate: 7200 rpm
Form Factor: 3.5 inches

For Seagate you can check a manufactured date:
- Seagate disks use a 4 or 5 digit numeric code (called a Date Code)

The DATE format is really simple - YYWD or YYWWD where Y (year), W (week number), D (day number). Then you need use simple math for deducting of the exact manufacture date:
Seagate uses a fiscal year for their calculation which starts on the first Saturday in July = week 1 in the DATE. Counting of the days of the week running from Saturday = day 1

Then for the DATE: 13395 is the manufacture date calculated by this way (simple XLS math):
13 = YY = 2013
39 = WW = 39 week from 1st Saturday of July 2013 .... 1st Saturday = July 6th 2013
5 = D = Wednesday
The manufacture date was: April 10th 2014

When you have idea when was the disk purchased, then use simple math:
Today Date - Date of purchase = Number of days in your ownership
% of the disk utilization = Value from Power on Hours(in days) / Number of days in your ownership
it's about how is your disk really utilized.

I'm just curious about the oldest drive from you.
Not sure you will have a lot of answers as it means powering down the nas to take a picture of the disk :)
what I can tell from my side is that i have (out of 5 drives) one 4Tb that has 57 000 hours running time (aprox 6.5 years), and one 6Tb with 54 000 hours. the rest is between 10 and 25k hours (wd60efrx doesn't seem to be the best ones, I had 2 or 3 that has failed already)
the nas is running 24/7 since delivery date in 2010 or 2011
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My DS1520+ looks to use /dev/sata..., certainly there are no /dev/sd.... But the WD disk in sata1 doesn't provide the info. It's available via Storage Manger and looking at a disk's details from SMART Attribute, as it is for all disks.

My oldest disk is a WD Red 3TB running for 49,006 hours which is just under 5.6 years.


/dev/hda worked for the WD.
No worries, he has winter clothes.

But hey, Rusty's even colder! :)
Missed that. Wow! I guess you're in a temperature controlled environment.

34-36C on all my WD Red 3 and 4TB but 44-46C on the 8TB Ironwolf. The bigger disks just run hotter, but then my small office has 'passive' cooling a.k.a an open window when outside isn't too cold.

From my weather station for last year: the study's low was when the basestation was sat on the study window sill but now it's on a shelf. It's 28.3C at the moment 🥵

Re most active drives:
xxx@zzz:./hdsentinel | grep Power
Power on time: 2076 days, 16 hours
Power on time: 2076 days, 16 hours
Power on time: 2076 days, 12 hours
Power on time: 2076 days, 7 hours
Power on time: 2076 days, 10 hours
Power on time: 2076 days, 6 hours
Power on time: 2076 days, 7 hours
Power on time: 2070 days, 21 hours
Power on time: 2096 days, 8 hours

5,7Y in operation with approx. 99% Power On utilization during the time, zero errors
Seagate Constellation CS
Difference between the hours are based on my tests of possible data repair for a disaster recovery plan purposes.

Re temp:
Daily max 31-34C from my 1813+ what is still under middle-heavy workload
ambient temp in the rack is managed between 24-27C

Daily Max:

Daily Average:

Different point of view:

The Max Temp during entire Lifespan was 4y ago, when my a/c has been accidentally terminated during hot summer.

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