on creating a secure access to link-rich website (template)

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on creating a secure access to link-rich website (template)

Example URL that goes directly (not to DSM login) to a Web Station web page or virtual host?

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Interested in setting up a r/o account to render the index.htm, local css, and local imagefiles. I cannot find any templates in any documentation, so will create one as I configure, code, and test a stepwise template. The site will have links to stream or download MP4s and MP3s, as well as to view or download PDFs and PNGs. This will most likely then, include cross-figuration with File Station, Video Station, Audio Station; thus far, cross-station configuration documentation is unclear or unavailed, and support refers me back to that same documentation, so, it will also be my goal to test, validate, and document a repeatable 'template' procedure for that as well. Call it the 'missing' "hello world" renditions, which, though simple, reveal a success that you can embellish with robustness thereafter. I'm happy to be here, and welcome suggestions, advice, details I've missed, and all collaborative efforts. My best wishes to you all. I am very pleased to be in your company.
I am hoping that other members' efforts will reveal undocumented successes or documented failures, which, hopefully they were able to transcend. I am at a point where I see no documented successes, and, after trying 'umpteen' methodical permutations, have never been able to make the Virtual Hiost's index.htm find even get listed, let alone see any way of actually rendering it as with a normal HTML/CSS pairing. I am, as they say, "all ears", and need just one suvccess in order to create a replicatable templete. One wonders why there are no examples or exact stepwise successes listed, and I am still hopeful that it's not that no one ever documented what was never verified as working (or possible) in the first place. I have run into this before with the web radio feature. These both should be working in 6.2. I see lots of dropped features in 7.x but nothing listed as having been fixed with either Web Station's web page, the Virtual Hiost, or the web radio. Feel free to direct me to working examples. Documentation can say many things that development has not fully delivered or gotten fully working and in synch with documentation, It happens when QA and precoess improvement verifications, pahses, sign-offs, and checklists "get lost in the shuffle" of rapid development methodologies, which tend to sacrifice what is actually delivered to what one wanted delivered. So, what I am seeking is proof by viewable web examples (versus less-real textual examples). Currently, I have seen no links to working examples.
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Completed task. There are issues with how Web Station "handles" Apache, often mixing it with NginX. WS works when there is one-only vhost and one-only diskstation per router, otherwise the convolution begins, esp. with the router rules and port mods inside Web Station. UPnP is a non-secure "fix" which leaves user-control at the "back of the bus", so I did not use it. I also whacked almost all port-forwards to a minimum, as they can ill-affect other port-tied packages. Beware of having several packages that require various Apach or PHP versions running at once. Ulp. The Apache structure used by WS is unclear, while PATH and command presence is weak at best, so troubleshooting being difficult, requires loading commands with no access to apt or wget. Issues can easily be hidden within a certificate, so learn to look for key lines that might have the wrong ddns or ipaddress.

Nonetheless, I learned much, and, with help got one vhost running (via an AnyDesk session with a highly-qualified and friendly Synology CS person). I am leaving success well enough alone, choosing to pursue the more complicated multi-vhost configurations for my Dell T300 server with its more robust Ubuntu Server 22.04 environment. Alas, I got Apache up in 15 minutes. My second DS needs a manual install of Plex's latest for Synology to allow MP4/MP3 to the WAN. That's next. Good luck to all.

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