Once Automatic login enabled on Synology Assistant, how to go back to manual entry?

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Once Automatic login enabled on Synology Assistant, how to go back to manual entry?

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Have the "Stay logged in" option enabled on one NAS in Synology Assistant....

And now want to change it's password.... (make it a couple of characters longer -- Just Because!) Prior to just changing Password and then learning how to un-do Automatic Login -- Under the Gun.... I'm gonna Ask...

How to go back to normal login and password access in Synology Assistant, once Automatic Login is set??? It doesn't appear obvious... (I guess I could un-install Synology Assistant and then re-install maybe?)

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This must be my day to 'find' more issues!!
I can't recall when last updated Synology Assistant.... I'm at: 6.1-15163
Searched, and found latest is: 7.0.2-50046 Downloaded it...

What the heck! Installed it.... 2 issues:
1. NAS Still automatically logs in..... and
2. Router is now NOT SEEN -- AT ALL!

OH Goody!

Un-installed 7.0.2-50046 and re-installed 6.1-15163
Back to where I was:
NAS Still logs in automatically.... But at least Router is now seen in List!!!

OK... No further along.... than an hour ago!!
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More Snooping....
Logging in via SA (older one) on an altogether different computer (Both W7), and it gives the normal login and password login...
So, the auto login thing must be locally stored.. on computer, not NAS
EDIT: Un Installed all Synology Software on this laptop...
For S&G's, tried SA 6.2-24922, and it 'sees' All NAS & Router, but logs in immediately...

So I bet this is stored as APP Data (locked) or some other location on laptop, as SA on another computer logs in with Login and Password window, not automatically... Opened a support ticket... Hopefully more later
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Support suggested to change password and it will take me back to Login and Password screen....

OK... So Changed NAS password, saved, closed SA, and then re-opened SA again in 15 seconds....

YES! I'm taken back to Login and Password area (due to new Password).... Entered and Saved new Login & Password....


Next time I login to that NAS (with New password) SA AUTOMATICALLY Logs me back into NAS, as the new login and password is now satisfied!

BUT..... I want to Login via Login and Password area, not automatically!!! (Other W7 system still logs in correctly via SA)....

Reported back to Support...
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I knew it had something to do with the computer itself.... And that was confirmed once I realized that it was not associated with the program, by a un-install/re-install.... Your post -- refreshed my memory...

Ran a Pass of CrapCleaner, and that fixed it... !
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