OpenVPN connected but not Internet connection

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OpenVPN connected but not Internet connection

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Hello there guys!
Folllowing a tutorial in youtube I managed to export my VPN info and import them at OpenVPN App on my android phone.
I am able to connect to my VPN, I can browse the local files of NAS but I dont have Internet connection when I am connected to VPN...

Anyone able to help please?

just noticed something, in fact the mobile phone has Internet connection because Apps like facebook have connection (till now I was just checking chrome)
but chrome keeps denying to work properly... any ideas if I should do something specific at DNS or at VPN file configurations in order to have internet with chrome too???

thank you
yes this option is also checked...
regarding chrome I have no idea mate... if anything comes up to your mind please let me know, thank you
I assumed it was set in OpenVPN settings, once you said some apps were working. I just clarified what I was meaning in case someone else was searching this too.

Have never used Chrome. The nearest thing is Chromium Edge on the work PC, but that’s rarely used because Firefox is approved so I use that. But that error message implies a DNS issue. I know Firefox supports it directly using DoH servers instead of the local device’s network configured DNS server IPs. Maybe Chrome can’t find how to access the DNS service it wants to use, and doesn’t fallback to local device setting.

You could try installing other browsers and test if they work, or not. Just to test the idea.
nop firefox isnt working also....
I just noticed on DHCP Server App in NAS, I havent any DHCP enabled in any of the LANs, is this a problem>?
and neither DNS zones

thank you
DHCP Server on DSM is useful if you don't have a DHCP service running elsewhere on the LAN(s). For home users the usual place to run a DHCP service is on the Internet router/firewall, what you don't want to have is two competing DHCP services running for the same LAN. Where there is a separate DHCP server then this may be providing services for multiple LAN segments and then either it has to be connected directly on each segment, or network devices (routers and switches) run DHCP relay services.

The DSM DNS Server without zones will forward requests to the specific DNS server, set in the Resolution settings. But DNS Server will only be used for any resolution if clients are configured to use it, unlike DHCP services which advertise their presence. The DNS zones are used to resolve whatever domains you have created, such as resolving a personal domain to LAN IPs for LAN clients, and every other domain resolution gets forwarded to another DNS server (e.g. an Internet DNS server IP).

If you aren't really using DNS Server then it is usual for home users to have the router's DHCP set the DNS IP to either the router's LAN IP or the DNS servers the router is configured to use.

With the VPN servers (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP) in VPN Server they will manage assigning the IP addressing to the VPN clients. Each service acts as a gateway on the NAS (I think take the first IP address in the assigned VPN subnet).
thanks a lot for your great information my friend.
I know its furstrating because I am so newb... but want to try and host my personal site on my NAS... and also us emy VPN..

this page is form my router, should I make a DNS entry pointing to (my nas IP)


also this:

I don't know ZTE routers and I cannot find anything but a quick start guide, if I got the right vendor site. But from what you show the DNS page looks to be for running a DNS server for a specified domain. Without more context it's hard to know about DHCP but it looks to be that the router is doing this job for subnet I'm guessing but I think the ISP DNS on/off is asking whether to send the router's Internet setting for DNS server to the DHCP client devices, and/or send the DHCP values for Primary and Secondary DNS.

The DHCP Binding is to create and manage IP reservations for specific MAC addresses: when a client with one of the MAC addresses with a 'binding' (or reservation) requests network config then it will always be assigned the same reserved IP address. This is useful for maintaining the same IP addresses for servers such as NAS. As for DHCP Port Control, I'm not exactly clear what that is referring to. There must be a Help feature in the router or somewhere that explains what the features are doing.

I would assume that LAN Network / LAN page is for configuring the private LAN features, it is where I would think DHCP would normally be located. The WLAN is probably the WiFi radio settings. Everything from FTP and below look to be extra services that the router can do if you want them.

Is there a Help page under Management & Diagnosis?
I typed the primary and secondary DNS up there... damn I am total noob when it comes to networking.... I can only understand port forwarding xD
no there is no help section there... Will see what I can do, thank sa lot for your help mate
Ok finally found it... chance DNS settings in the profile file and now I am able to browser the Internet normally.... yey..

Now on to the problem with phpmyadmin... :(

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