OpenVPN safety question

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OpenVPN safety question

Hi all,

This is my first post here, my name is Joan and I'm an industrial programmer (Robots, PLC & CNC).

In our office we have a small DS-716+II which we love.

I have to travel often, and while out of the office I use an OpenVPN client in my Windows laptop to connect to our Synology.

In our Synology we have enabled the firewall to accept only our local network and our VPN server from our country.

We have not activated any certificate from Lets Encrypt or similar.

We have activated the "auto block" feature to reduce the brute force attacks success ratio.

Open VPN server is configured with a maximum number of connections, with a special port and using AES-256.

As far as I know (and I know 0) I think all the Open VPN connections are safe as the VPN is using a kind of certificate (in the ovpn file inside the <ca> </ca>) and all the communications between the Synology and the remote laptops is encrypted.

Our OpenVPN use the quickconnect DDNS address to connect to our Synology.

We use the native synology applications Drive, ... also.

I know I could add a physical firewall, a better router rather than the chunky box that our carrier gave us...

Are we doing it right?

Do we need to do more things to keep our data safe?

Thank you all in advance.
I think all the Open VPN connections are safe as the VPN is using a kind of certificate
if you have a valid encryption then you are fine

Are we doing it right?
you can never have 2 much security. Getting a better sw/hw for protection is always better.

regarding the rest of the steps you have included, the more you deviate from the default settings is better as well.

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