DSM 7.1 or 7.2 -> ReversProxy on Synology to replace NPM

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DSM 7.1 or 7.2 -> ReversProxy on Synology to replace NPM

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I want to replace NPM with Reverse proxy on Synology.
I found this video:
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View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWvCN2j7xjo

What I have now is:

Subdomain 1/2/3… from IONOS
Directed via CNAME to the My!fritz Domain.

Port forwarding from Fritz!box to VM IP of NPM.
From NPM to VM 1/2/3… with applications e.g Nextcloud
Let's Encrypt certificate requested via NPM.

All clear?
PS: also address my IONOS subdomain for Synology/notes is in NPM -> Synology IP:Port
Do you need more info on This?
Now I want the Synologys Reverse Proxy to do the Job of NPM.
  • Domains arrive @ Fritz!box.
  • Port forwarding to Synology IP with Reverse Proxy running - instead to VM with NPM
  • Direct Domain 1/2/3… to the VM 1/2/3… with applications
How to get Let's encrypt certificate now?
Where to put the domains 1/2/3...arriving from Fritz!Box via Port forwarding to Synology Reverse Proxy to get certificates.
(I don't understand how to put the subdomains e.g. in DDNS section of Synology to request certificates? – as you would do with DDNS domains.)

All clear?
Do you require more info on This?

Is this the right way so far?

Pls. Help to get this reverse manager on Synology set up properly.
Many THX.

PS: If I'm @ the wrong place here — pls excuse me !!
BUT Pls.

Be so kind to advise me how to turn to guys - > They Know How-To

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