Package backporting, or DSM not... supported update?

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Package backporting, or DSM not... supported update?

DS710+ Modded up to DSM 6u7
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Hello there,
I'm currently running an DS710+ modded into DSM 6u7 via tinkering. And I do like it how it is, it's great - cheap, does the trick, could even pack it up to 4 gigs of RAM to get most of it. But as always, there's a "but".
The thing I'm pondering about for at least a month - did anyone ever attempted to backport/hack any more complicated PKGs onto older firmware?

I've had DS214SE earlier, and it was... Absolutely not a good thing, to say the least. But, it was able to get DSM 6.2.2, and therefore, Synology Drive & Synology Office, which look great. It was barely able to handle it even for one user, the experience was absolutely tragic, but it was able to get it anyways. And 710+ despite being able to handle it a thousand times better, didn't. Not fair, but well. What you gonna do, eh.

It's a shame DS710+ didn't get DSM 6.2.2+, I've seen some projects like SynUpdate (Link) but despite really promising looks from the photos and screens, it's dead, or at least, there's no progress updates nor anything like that for like, a year now? Enough to at least think it's dead. The update I've managed at least allowed me to use this device like a decent human being - PHP7+, Python 3, et cetera, et cetera. On DSM6 it's not a paperweight, at least. Didn't try to update it past 6u7 though, as people warned me this may very, very quickly end up with a black Synology-branded brick.

So, as far as I know, no way to hack it up to DSM 6.2.2 +, but maybe the other way around though might be achievable - if i recall correctly, Synology Drive requires Synology Universal Search. And Synology Universal Search does not need anything other than things that could be gathered from community repo or just standard system packages. Anyone tried? Success/Failures? Or any tips/tricks that might help?

Please move to appropriate thread if I did miss the proper category, thanks ;)

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