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Packages unavailable on DS920+

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I have a DS920+ and when I search for the mosh package from the Synocommunity in the Package Center it does not show up, although it is listed here:

I think this is a newer package. Is it possible that it just hasn't been built for the DS920+ yet?
Correct. If you look at the supported architectures here, SynoCommunity you will see that Gemini Lake is not on the list. The reason why it is not showing up on your 920+.

Considering that x20 and x21 models have just started coming out into the wild, it will take some time for all the packages to be recompiled with support for the new arch.

But, you could use TMUX instead if you are looking for a remote ssh client that can keep sessions alive. It is part of this package SynoCommunity and it has support for Gemini Lake.

I use it all the time in a combination with Midnight Commander to keep my sessions alive if I'm copying something or editing.
Back in the day when I got my DS918+ (I think) you could download "unsupported" packages and manipulate them to run on your NAS anyway (assuming they had the same architecture)..
Yeah, there are a lot more packages available for Gemini Lake now, than let's say a month ago.
For me it was a godsend that many of the things I wanted to install were not available at the time because my lack of patience has forced me to go the Docker route.
I'm not familiar with mosh, but found a few (pretty old) results on docker hub. Is that a possibility for you maybe?
Thanks everyone for the information and suggestions! These are just the pointers that I needed. I'll look at deploying mosh as a Docker container for now.

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