Passepartout - OpenVPN Client for iOS

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Passepartout - OpenVPN Client for iOS

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Just came across this new app for iOS in app store (Passepartout)
This is an alternate to open VPN connect
Did anyone tried this on your iPhone to connect to Synology VPN?
Any suggestions/comments?
@Rusty ,
I just noticed recently while I was searching the web. Described as an open source code
Let's know your test results once it's done ;)
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Just came across this new app for iOS in app store (Passepartout)
Thank you for posting this.

I tried it. Imported my configuration file (.ovpn) and it worked immediately. What caught my attention is that it has support for Siri shortcuts. I‘m hoping that I can toggle the VPN connection from the widgets. Saying “hoping” because for that feature you must buy Siri support for $1.99 or the full version for $5.99 from what I understood so far, and I haven’t yet.

I‘ve managed to toggle airplane mode, WiFi and Bluetooth too from the Shortcuts widget, but not the VPN. Maybe this is the answer.

I’ll read more about it first.

Should’ve mentioned that I’ve tried it with my Synology NAS OpenVPN service.
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Have you noticed any issues or bugs with the app?
We’ve just started. Will report back after a few days :)

What's the difference between Siri version and full version
Before purchase, it was showing Siri for $1.99 and the full version. Now it’s showing trusted networks and the full version.

Here’s the available Siri Shortcuts:

Have you noticed any issues or bugs with the app?
I’ve been using Passepartout for the past few days and so far it’s been working with no problems.

I’ve imported another profile to direct all traffic through my NAS’ OpenVPN, alternating between the two (all traffic and VPN subnet only) with no problems.
I’ve also added another Shortcuts button to the Shortcuts widget to have both available.


Unlike the official OpenVPN client where I ended up with two iOS/iPadOS VPN configurations (one for the VPN subnet traffic and one for all traffic), Passpartout maintained one configuration for both, which is nice.

However, and since I don’t have my VPN provider on the list, the use of this client (for me) is merely for the convenience of using Siri Shortcuts (widget).

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