PC Off Line after backing up with no problems now it wont see my PC

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PC Off Line after backing up with no problems now it wont see my PC

Synology DS1019+
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I backed up my PC using Active Backup for Business. Once I backed it up i set backs up when I start my PC back up because I don't leave it on all the time. When my PC is running I can see my server using file explorer in the network section, and access files with no problem. The second day I used my PC I logged into my server via IP address with browser and checked to see if ABFB backed up by me starting up my PC there wasn't any backup. So I decided to do a Manuel backup which said when I tried to click on the backup button.
(Can not backup because the device is offline or the version of the Agent is outdated) I just installed this app the day before it found my PC and backed it up with no Problem.??
I tried to add another device (MY PC) to see if it would back it up again and it found my PC and was going to start a backup. So it sees it ??? Confused... I ran the portal and tried to transfer a file I removed off my PC and it wouldn't see the PC ether.
Any Ideas??? Thank in Advance!
I figured out that when I shut down my PC ABFB agent quits. I have the same IP address when restarting my PC. Once I reinstall ABFB Agent it starts working again. Not understanding why It the Agent shuts down or quits working once PC is completely shut down and restarted. Any Ideas out there?

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