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PDF Annotate / Access Denied

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We recently moved from a MS server to a synology server. We are working off a shared drive on the synology. For the most part, everything is working the same as it did previously.

But one thing that seems to be "broken" is being able to edit/annotate PDF files and then resave them over the top of themselves.

What settings do I have set incorrectly to allow this....or is it not possible?

The actual error message I'm seeing is "Access Denied" The path is eigher read-only or locked by another application.

Thank you in advance.

update...if i do a "save as" and pick the original file name, it lets me save over the top of the file....I just can't save it with the same name directly from "save"...it has to be "save as"

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Control Panel has various ways to show access permissions: To a shared folder: Shared Folder -> select...

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