DS file Photo backup does not show all subfolders

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DS file Photo backup does not show all subfolders

Hi Forum,
I want to use DS File for back up my fotos reguarly. My pictures are stored in the subfoleder storage/emulated/0/DCIM/100MEDIA
This folder 100Media is not selectable in the ds file select source folder. There only the base folder (DCIM) is selectable but empty.
Does anyone have an idea how to bring ds file to allow also subfolders?
Best regards
Hi I ran into the same issue finding out that the 'sent' subfolder of 'whatsapp images' is skipped for Android...
The alternative that I really like for Android is Sweet home. This app is working for me for more than 10 years already.
For iPhone we have PhotoSync as well for more than 5 years. This app is not free, but the costs are oke. The bad part is that the trigger for auto sync(using webdav) when at home(by GEO) is not working. You have to trigger manually.(even when you allow the app to keep track of your location of course) The option for trigger when connecting to home wifi, is lacking. This works really well for Sweet Home.

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