Photo sorting software?

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Photo sorting software?

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does anyone have good photo sorting software? Have thousands of photos in a completely messed up folder structure. Would like to find a program that will pull the photos out of all their existing folders and resort them into new folders by month or year or whatever I might choose. Seems like all the other software I've found (including Memories) leaves the files in their current locations and creates albums over the top in the software. I do not want this. I want to actually move the photos into new folders. My wife wants to find pics to use with online services like shutterfly, and without changing our folder structure it is very difficult for her to find photos because she cannot upload them directly from Memories. TIA.
don’t hesitate to check duplicate files from the source before you will store them to the target
Yes, it looks like that photomove software that @WST16 found will pull dupes out into a separate folder or rename them for review before deletion. Now that I found this software, I've also found several other programs that do something similar. Just had to find the first one to get my searches in the right direction.

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