Question Photo Station DDNS URL Problem

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Question Photo Station DDNS URL Problem

DS418play, DS213j, DSM 7.0.4-11091
When I launch Photo Station from the DSM desktop, it loads my DDNS URL, and goes nowhere... For example...


The source of problem is that I have set a reverse proxy for the NAS login as such:

hxxps:// > hxxps://NAS_IP:NAS_HTTPS_Port

Hence, when Photo Station launches, it redirects to the DSM login port.

How do I get around this? I find no option within Photo Station nor within the Application Portal.

Presently, I'm left to manually edit the Photo Station login URL by prepending anything random in the DDNS domain URL. For example,

hxxps:// and then all is well.

How can I affect the Photo Station package icon to launch Photo Station? Or is there something else I need to tweak?

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