php script with mssql and mysqli - cannot run from command line

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php script with mssql and mysqli - cannot run from command line

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I have a php script that used mysqli and mssql (as in php version 5.6)
When I run the script from a browser it runs fine (WebStation).
But if I run it from either a terminal command line or run it as a user-defined scheduled script (in Task Scheduler) it returns mysqli and mssql not found errors.
I have enabled both of these extensions within the WebStation settings.

I already tried command line running php56 from these directories, but still no luck:

I need to run the script periodically using Task Scheduler.

Clearly the script can work, but by running it via the command line must load php in a different way.
How does WebStation run php? and can I reproduce that via command line?

How can I find out the path used to run php from within a browser? If I knew that I could probably replicate it in the command line?

Note - already seen this old post:
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Welcome! Good to meet a fellow PHPer on SynoForum. Thank you for posting the work-around. This will be very useful in an upcoming project.

Just to be clear, does "folder1" refer to an optional sub-folder inside the "web" shared folder required by Web Services?

Is it safe to assume your script updates databases, files, logs, etc. but does not produce any "echo" output?

Best Regards, Ron
Hi Ron
re. question 'folder1' - yes, just a path to a file.
My scripts do have echo statements but they have no affect.
Also, clearly, the 'curl' extension needs to be enabled.
It would be nice to know the 'correct' solution to this problem though,
rather than bypassing it like this (anyone?)

Thanks. Your solution is running just fine here as of this morning. Certainly adequate for a retiree's hobby project. Hope you enjoy the forum. Ron

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