PHP7 and Python 3 by default in a ssh session

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PHP7 and Python 3 by default in a ssh session

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On my DS 213+ (DSM 6.2.4-25556), if I connect via ssh, I have a php 5.6 and a python 2.7:
$ php -v PHP 5.6.11 (cli) (built: Mar 4 2021 18:45:33) ... $ python --version Python 2.7.18

These software are in /bin :
$ which php /bin/php admin@EUGENE:~$ which python /bin/python

How to get by default under the shell in ssh a php version 7 and a python version 3 ?

Thanks for your help,
Hi, welcome to the forum.

php and python are the first found in your shell's PATH variable. This is mine...


You could setup a shell alias to interpret 'php' and 'python' as being executables in the installed PHP 7.x and Python packages. For example, php to /volume1/@appstore/PHP7.0/usr/local/bin/php70 .

It's not something I've done for years, but the file to do this after a reboot/new session would likely be ~/.profile or ~/.bash_aliases. Google will help.
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Thank's for you reply. That's I'll do.

Another way, more dangerous, will be to rename python and php programs in /bin directory (ie with .obsolete suffix) and add softlinks for python and php toward their respective up-to-date binaries in /volume1/@appstore/...

But it's strange to keep such old version as PHP5.6 and Python2.7 in the /bin directory of DSM 6.2.

Thank's again for your help to solve my problem.
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