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Hi guys,
Want to run discourse forum on my NAS as a pet project.
So I want to install it all with the help of Docker.
1. I installed MariaDB first with the additional variable in Environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD. And ports 3307:3306. Container works well.
2. Want to connect it with PhpMyAdmin but container crushes. Should I need to type new variables in Environment or Link section to Phpmyadmin container?
I changed only ports to 8080:80. Any suggestions?
Really appreciate your help, Rusty.
At the moment have this stuff. Also I opened port for phpmyadmin ( not sure if I really need to do this)


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Internally no, there is no need to open up the port. If you are using the official phpmyadmin image, I'm not sure why are you using /phpmyadmin after the port? In my case, I don't and I land on the page just fine.

Can you show your docker container settings for both SQL/maria and myadmin side? Or are you using Maria/sql installation via Package Center and not in Docker?
Thanks, now it works!
I'm using both MariaDB and PhpMyAdmin in Docker.
Are memory limits OK for containers?


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Faced another issue :)
I think I didn't connect mariadb to discourse and discourse ports are mixed? Right?
On the other hand, terminal in discourse container works


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I think I didn't connect mariadb to discourse and discourse ports are mixed? Right?
Didn't connect it? What the process of connecting it? Via config file, or via instalation wizard using the browser? Ports are fine, if you want to use those values. The main thing is to not touch the values on the right hand side.
At this moment I have the next...
It will work via Mailgun ( updated dns settings with mailgun data) and putted synology IP address as forum.


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@Shadow whats your sql and myadmin docker configuration (if you are running them via docker)?

Here is the MariaDB config:



Command executed:
docker run --name mariadb2 --hostname mariadb2 --network physical_network_noproxy --ip --dns -v /volume1/docker/mariadb2:/var/lib/mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=*** -e MYSQL_DATABASE=vlnet -d mariadb:latest

And here the PHPMyAdmin config:



Command executed:
docker run -d --name phpmyadmin --hostname phpmyadmin --network physical_network_noproxy --ip --dns -v /volume1/docker/PHPMyAdmin:/etc/phpmyadmin/ --link mariadb2:vlnet -e PMA_USER=root -e PMA_PASSWORD=*** -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=*** -e PMA_ABSOLUTE_URI=De domeinnaam is te koop. -e PMA_PORT=3306 -e phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin:latest

Both dockers are connected to a macvlan network, so they have their own IP addresses:


And is pingable, even using DNS address:

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