Pi-hole on Pi or on NAS?

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Pi-hole on Pi or on NAS?

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Is it fine to run Pi-hole on my NAS or should I rather run it on a Raspberry Pi?
Won't it stress the hard drives more on the NAS?
Thanks @Rusty .

Just a last question if you don't mind: Will this not keep the hard drives from hibernating? Would this not be an issue?

BTW, your continued support is greatly appreciated.
Will this not keep the hard drives from hibernating? Would this not be an issue?
It depends how you look at things. Having a device such as a NAS and expect it to hibernate is something that was always puzzling to me why people are bothered with that. Then again I get it, but do keep in mind that there is a lot of services and packages that will wake up your nas.

Now will this be an issue? If you ask me, no. If you think this will be an issue for you then I guess you have your answer as well.
It will be just fine. There will be almost no stress at all, don’t worry about it
There will also be no hibernation. I just moved AdguardHome to Pi. Could not be more pleased. And no Docker required!

BTW... Pi has Docker too... may be moving Vault Warden in that direction.

The added advantage of Pi is that you can bare metal backup your entire storage. No so for the NAS.
I also have a couple of RPi's as well and it works perfectly, don't get me wrong, but I always find backing them up difficult compared to Docker. With Docker you have an image and volumes and that's it. You can move these relatively easily from system to system.

How can you easily backup the RPi? With dd or something like that?
Yes, i have seen those but in my experience it is a hassle. Incomplete backups, interruption of service. That is why I prefer Docker deployment nowadays. I have some dedicated RPi's in the house for home automation, media play but in case of a backup/restore there is always trouble. In my experience.
The strategies to backup the Pi have been lacking. I use containers on both the Synolgoy and Pi's to run apps since I can easily backup containers vs. the Pi and native installed apps. I rarely now install anyting in the base OS outside of network commands and editing tools.

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