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Plex - Folder nesting

Hi All
So, uploading material to my sparkly new Plex server continues. My folders are nested as follows:

-TV Shows
---Season 01
----Breeders - s01e01 - No Sleep.mkv
----Breeders - s01e01 - No Sleep.vsmeta

However, I have a problem when trying to introduce another folder layer. @Telos has previously advised that the folder names affect the automatic matching (as opposed to Video Station where only the file name matters). For The Pink Panther, I have the following structure:

--The Pink Panther show
---The Pink Panther
---The Inspector

However, Plex cannot cope with this. Everything is classed as the Pink Panther and multiple versions are claimed by Plex instead. To try and illustrate, for the first episode, Plex tells me I have two versions of the pink panther first episode. It should be saying that I have one episode of the PP and one of the Inspector.
I'm using thetvdb and am very puzzled. Searching around on the plex forum seems to indicate this is indeed the case, but it's hard to believe... Does Plex really require me to keep everything on one level? That is quite a weakness if so...

thanks for any thoughts...
This is a proper way for Plex to detect the media

This is not
That is really.... Rubbish. Not being able to nest folders is really Daft. My view.
I guess it is not entirely your fault though Rusty. 🖖
Thanks. (He said ever so grudgingly...)
Plex has their own forum just so people can complain about it :)

Thanks @fredbert, I will consider 'contributing' on the plex forum... I had read the support articles that you mention; in there they do not describe the limitation on folder structure, to save files under 'documentary', 'drama' types etc. So all in all it was quite a surprise.
One point for Video Station!

Another day for my next Plex rant... Goodnight all.
I continued from an iTunes library structure and file names. That worked for VS and Plex even though it wasn't quite fully official. For file names I've different folders that use either 'NN description.m??' and others with 'show.sNNeMM.episode info.m??'.
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One can do this with Plex.
Go on then, explain :) I can manually edit the tag text and artwork but haven't found how to select one episode and retag from a selected TVDB or TMDB entry. It often happens when these two resources don't number episodes the same, more likely for out of season 'specials'.

The More menu items are these.

Here's an example where TVDB and TMDB contradict each other on Blackadder specials

I renamed files so that Plex worked and retagged in VS. I have had a few (very few) others where Christmas episodes are at a season end in one DB and a special in the other.

Personally I prefer TMDB for most TV shows as more single episode TV programmes are in TMDB.

These few times of manually doing stuff is a drop in the ocean of the time I used to spend for iTunes with MetaZ. In Mac OS El Capitan there used to be an app Identify that was actually better and quicker but I updated away.
For the TV show then these are the 'more' options and Fix Match can be used to retag the show.

But for a single TV episode within the show the 'more' menu is just this: you can't Fix Match for a specific episode.


There's the manual
option to edit the metadata.
After two weeks spending every spare moment renaming files (that VS could cope with) Plex is up and running... It is good. The best feature (as mentioned here I think) is the multi tagging of Played / Unplayed. This precluded my old VS from being used properly because I was always too lazy to tag hundreds of episodes/films as played...

Anyway, enough digression. I didn't see a re-tagging of a single episode either, at least not to achieve a retag of one of those Special S00Exy episodes. It's not the fault of Plex, I know, but why oh why does tvdb put every Christmas special and such like as S00? It would be fine if next episode was clever enough to move to it and then back to the usual series structure, but it doesn't. Such a shame I think, because it is something so very basic...

If I am dense and have missed something obvious such that this can be corrected, then please put me out of my misery and show me! Perhaps @fredbert has a thread on a tvdb forum to complain too!!
You can try to manually tag TV shows with TMDB data, if you've enable TMDB as one of the tag sources for TV. There are some differences between special episodes. And I fully agree that a Christmas episode should be placed in the right place in the series/seasons and not season 0.

Perhaps @fredbert has a thread on a tvdb forum to complain too!!
Nope :) . Maybe if the family moaned about it I might have kept at it but since they haven't I've let it slide.

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