Plex v1.15 - plex user account no longer requires admin group membership

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Plex v1.15 - plex user account no longer requires admin group membership

DS918+ / DS418play / DS718+

Harden your Synology running Plex by removing the admin group membership if upgrading from earlier versions of PMS on your Synology NAS.
DS418play, DS213j, DSM 7.0.1-14401
Maybe now the fog will lift. I (and many others) lost all access to TV and Movie media with this release (Music seems unaffected). As a result, I rolled back to 993, as did many others. This update sucked bigtime.

Thanks for posting this.
I received a mail yesterday....

Security improvements for Plex users on Synology

Our records indicate that you've recently run a Plex Media Server install on a Synology NAS, so we wanted to let you know about a change that's been made related to our Synology package.

Starting with Plex Media Server v1.15.4.994, we altered our package to no longer require "Administrator" permissions, which makes it more secure for you. In some rare cases, though, this might mean that the server no longer has permission to access or see your actual media content (depending on how you set up the access permissions).

Luckily, this is a quick and simple fix for you to get things working again, if you are affected. You can find detailed information and instructions in our forum topic about this change.

If you haven't yet upgraded your server to the new version, you can still make the changes outlined in the forum topic so that you're prepared ahead of time. Thanks for using Plex!

– The Plex Team
While this may be an irritation, and I read in the article linked by @itsjasper that some have had issues with deletion of original media instead of the intended optimised version, it should be seen as an improvement. The principle of least privilege should be the guiding rule.

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