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Some public mail systems, (, and others) have this great feature where you can use multiple aliases for only one real email address. eg: [email protected] gets delivered to [email protected] regardless of what is typed in for the tag, ie: after the + sign.
This can be very useful for tracking 'who-sold-my-email-address' or using filtering in a mail client to manage mail (All mail sent to [email protected] is auto-filed in a folder called eBay)

I would like to set this capability up on my Syno mail server. I found this article online relating to how to do this in Postfix.
I understand that is located in /var/packages/MailServer/target/etc, but I am wondering if anyone has tried this on a Synology NAS?
What about /var/packages/MailServer/target/etc/template/main.template ? What is the relationship between and main.template?

In another post about implementing a catch-address fredbert also mentioned /var/packages/MailServer/target/scripts/ so would that have to apply here too?

Any help will be appreciated.
I haven't done '+' addressing but I have a similar thing that uses our email service provider's Outlook rules on a catchall account. Each of my family has a couple of rules that look for mails to a unique string like this "[email protected]" where fcae translates to fredbert's catchall email (it's different in real life). We can then append anything before this such as an online store name and when mail is received in the catchall account it will be forwarded to the right person's actual account. Anything not matching goes to a shared home account.

We can then see if/when an email address gets spammed and firstly notify the sole external user of that address that they are spamming or have sold their list. Also a compromised address can then get its own forwarder account to a 'blackhole' that just files up.

As I say, I've not looked to see if Mail Station inbox rules can do this but it might.
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