Podcast Automation with Docker and Airsonic Made Easy on Synology or Xpenology

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Podcast Automation with Docker and Airsonic Made Easy on Synology or Xpenology

Setup your own automated podcast downloader quick and easy.

What we use for the Podcast Server:

  • Xpenology or Synology as your base server
  • Docker to host our application
  • Airsonic to serve our podcast files

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Will have to investigate this later. I'm almost at the point of considering thinking about migrating the Mac from Mojave (with iTunes) to Catalina (with Music, Podcasts, etc). The new Podcasts app buries the media files and doesn't rename and place them is structured folders, unlike iTunes.

I sometimes like to archive good podcasts so iTunes is easy to extract what I want. So far I've played with writing a bash script to extract tags with AtomicParsley (m4a) and id3info (mp3) to rename these files, but some don't have tags.

I tried using Download Station but it stops new downloads when a limit is reached, and clearing files into actually deletes the files too.

So I'll definitely have a look at this :) Cheers @Geeked !
Nice work 🍪 Your video inspired me to add podcasts to Booksonic, a Subsonic fork (like Airsonic, IIRC). Unfortunately, my RSS links show no episodes in Booksonic... so I'll try this to see if it is an app thing or not.

@Geeked In the video, you added System permissions, and your explanation indicated that was needed for thumbnail generation IIRC... but in the closing moments of the video, I only see "generic" thumbnails on your subscribed feeds... has this changed. It just seems unintuitive to require System RW permissions, at least to me.
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Why did you choose the linuxserver.io image over the native Airsonic image? Just curious. I used that too FWIW.

Also, instead of granting SYSTEM rw to your docker folder, I used PGID/PUID Environment variables for a normal user-level to gain write access for downloaded podcasts. I also have podcast thumbnails for episodes an the podcast channel (web interface). Woot!

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