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Question Polar backup

I'm sue I've read about this mob somewhere recently.They use Amazon as their storage, so the question raised was, how can they afford to pay for your space after the first year?
LOL Came here to ask if anyone else has used this because I bought it a few days ago. Saw it on tech radar then got an ad on fb 5TB for $80...and now it's front page here.....
anyway, have been backing up my from my qnap dual drive no problem. honestly, i like it so far... 5tb for $80 seems unreal...has anyone else run into issues? so far so good from me
.. 5tb for $80 seems unreal..
As the saying goes... if it looks too good to be true (I'll let you fill the rest in).

I've not heard of this one as I'm not looking for this service at the moment. Generally I'd consider a lifetime price should be good for around as long as what a competent competitor will provide the service.

I hope for you that it turns out to be a good deal.
backup service is as good as restore itself:
- from available source & in time when needed
otherwise it's just cost and wasted time

Quick review of Polar Backup conditions:
- desktop agent only (then no way to sync from NAS to Polar backup)
- restoration waiting period
- ready to download your files within 3-12 hours from the time of the request being made. And during this tme period you need keep the target computer running. Make sure not to log out of your user account, and not to put the machine into sleep.
- the maximum daily download amount when restoring Cold Storage files from the Polarbackup website (Method 2) is 1 GB.
- uploads are limited to maximum 4GB file size in the basic plan
- Windows allows Polarbackup to only back up the file which its path has 250 characters or less. Files with longer paths will not get backed up and will stay in the Skipped Files list of Polarbackup.
- then no way for bare-metal images creating

When you need the backup of files over 4GB you need purchase annual plan 1TB/$79.99 ... what is really costly vs Syno C2 ... BAD
Max. 1GB/day for restore ... BAD
This backup service is useful for people with occasional computer use. And creators of such service know such group behavior. No doubt. Good job.

OMG - is there someone with Syno NAS who uses this "backup" service? Why? When you can sync your valuable data to another Cloud services for better Price/Condition/.... directly from your NAS. Effortless.
With NAS you don't need store data in your computers. Only Partitions, OS and APPs. How you can restore such files from the Polar backup? By copying? Nice try.
thanks for the heads up.........i didn't see run into some of the stuff ur talking about. maybe because i bought into one of the upgrades???.. $12 extra/year so i got 20g uploads (hobbyist photographer so needed it) and it says unlimited externals. finished the backup from the dualdrive i got but haven't tried restore. saw the same thing about wait time, will look for such issues and let you know.
to another Cloud services
What about this one:

With tutorial:

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